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Here at NT 4x4 Hire we want you to have the best experience on the road, we believe that starts with one of our brand new 4x4s but it doesn't stop there. We've put together some of our favorite tips to help you get the most out of your travel through the NT. 

Drive to the road conditions

Make sure you check the road conditions and road closures. Tourist centres, campgrounds, and locals should be able to help if you haven't got a phone signal. You can find all the information here or even download the Road Reports NT app. We also do not permit drivers from dusk until dawn as it can be incredibly dangerous with the amount of wildlife on the roads. Please prepare for your journey accordingly. 

Check if the parks open

Check before you set off, you can find out what parks are open in the Northern Territory here. Please be aware conditions change daily. 

Be crocwise

Always read the signs and follow the instructions regarding swimming and crocodile safety. You can find more information on being crocwise here.

Change is useful

Carry a small amount of cash on you for self-managed campsites. Some of the campsites can be booked online but you may need a small amount in cash for parking or camping. 

Carry plenty of water

You can buy 10L water carriers from most supermarkets and they are really handy. It's very important to stay hydrated in the Territory when daily temperatures can be over 30 C. 

Top up fuel regulary

Gas stations are few and far between and you can drive very long stretches without reaching another so keep your fuel topped up. You can also use the FuelMapAustralia App to find prices and places to top up. 

Apps that might also be useful

  • Wifi Finder - Free wifi spots 

  • FuelMapAustralia - Find gas stations close by with prices

  • Currency - Convert the cost for easier budgeting 

  • WikiCamps = Help you find campsites and amenities

  • CamperMate - Plan and book roadtrips 

  • NT Field Guide - Detailed animal descriptions

  • Toilet Map - Find a toilet nearby

  • AllTrails - Find the best trails nearby

  • - Downloadable maps 

  • NomadWallet - Budget tracker 

  • SecureNT - Up-to-date emergency alerts 

  • BOM weather - Weather forecast 

  • StarTracker Lite - Star gazing app

  • Roadtrippers - Road trip planning platform 

  • NT Fishing Mate - Fishing and boating rules and information

  • RoadReportNT - Road closures and conditions 

Phone with home screen showing the icons for useful apps
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